Indeed, money is amongst the most prominent requirements of life. It makes us get our wants, necessities, luxuries and enables us to fulfil our desires. An important decision related to money can largely impact your spending capacity too and how much comfort you live in. Therefore, managing finances is very crucial and sometimes making financial decisions can become a headache. You must be wondering as to what is in store for you in the upcoming year and what you can expect from 2021. As astrology becomes more and more mainstream, people also become more aware of its many applications. That’s right — it’s not just for memes, even though they are hilarious and relatable. While the stars have a lot to say about the ins and outs of our daily lives, including our romantic relationships and our career trajectories, they can also tell us quite a lot about how we should spend our money.

Astrology can be applied to a multitude of fields, other than forecasts for individual persons. One such field is financial astrology, also called astro-economics – the astrological method to analyze and predict matters of business and finance.

Thus, ZodiaCity brings you the best advice to manage your financial decisions following your finance 2021 horoscope which can surely help you live a more comfortable life. These financial predictions for 2021 will help you live more peacefully and make the most of it. The 2021 money horoscope can change your life for the better and in a big way. More money means a better quality of life, so it’s important to read the finance 2021 predictions. Here we present you the predictions as per financial astrology 2021.


As per the Aries finance astrology prediction 2021, the year 2021 may begin on a positive note as transiting Jupiter will be passing through Aquarius from the beginning of this year. As planetary transits are moving well, you should not miss out on opportunities. Routine income will not be disturbed in this phase. As per Financial Horoscope 2021, the beginning of the year will be very good for Aries natives as far as their financial prospects are concerned. However, planetary placements suggest that the presence of Rahu in your second house throughout this whole year may make you inclined towards impulsive purchases, which might create a dent in your savings. So, you need to hatch plans and make small investments this whole year to channelize your money in the right direction.


According to the planetary movements or configurations, the year 2021 will provide you with above average results when it comes to finances as per Money Horoscope 2021 for Taurus zodiac sign as per Vedic Astrology. It is a good year for long term investments, but do not get lured into greedy schemes otherwise, it will be a situation where you will call in your problems. Also, you have to remain careful during the month of February, initial few days of April and the whole month of November towards making any financial decisions, otherwise, you may incur huge losses in the bargain. Also, especially during the month of April and November, do not lend or borrow money, as Mercury, your lord of wealth will be debilitated and having the aspect of Saturn, which may make it difficult for you to get your money back. Also, do not go for fake promises during this duration, make investments only after assessing the ground realities of the situation.


Gemini Finance Horoscope 2021 is indicating that the upcoming new year won’t be much favorable for you. This would be because Guru Jupiter and Saturn or Shani are creating a conjunction in the eighth house of your zodiac sign, which can give rise to financial troubles. During this time, you are most likely to come across monetary losses. However, when the planet Jupiter will move on from the eighth house and enter the ninth house of your sign in the middle of the year, things will take a positive turn in your financial life. Along with this, you are most likely to gain financial profits in this duration. But, success will be ensured only if you have a concrete plan of action. Health will be challenging during the commencement of 2021.


As indicated by Money Predictions 2021, the natives born under the sign of the crab are likely to have a good financial year 2021 as the planetary movements seem promising and favorable for them throughout the year. Financially the year 2021 is a mixed bag as per Cancer finance astrology prediction 2021. Cancer natives will see a rise in income as Jupiter will aspect the house of income. This phase of your life will also see more cash flows which will be improving and fulfilling your demands.


According to the Leo Financial Horoscope 2021, Mercury, the planet associated with finance, governs the position of the second house, which gives you a very good sense of discrimination, when it comes to analyzing profits and loss in any given situation. The situation seems to be favoring you until 14 March as the decisions you take during these months will provide you with benefits and good flow of cash. Though, it may not be huge, but you will be able to strike a favorable balance between your income and expenditure during these times. From 15 August 2021, till the end of the year, you will be seen aggressively pushing your efforts in order to increase your finances. This also indicates that you will be able to bear your expenses, routinely or otherwise, with great ease during the Year 2021 as per Yearly Horoscope 2021 in terms of finance. Just make sure that you utilize this year properly and increase your savings and investments.


As per the predictions from the Virgo 2021 finance horoscope, this year denotes good times on the financial front. This could be a rewarding year for you where you are likely to add on to your present financial strength. You will be able to handle resources efficiently. The positive impact of transiting Jupiter this year may also help you to develop some extra source of income this time around. Virgo natives governed by the planet of business and economics, Mercury are known to have sharp business skills and knowledge regarding finances. But, this year may not provide ample opportunities to make full utilization of these qualities. As per the financial horoscope 2021, Virgo natives will go through many ups and downs in terms of finances right from the start till April 2021.


Libra natives, according to Money Horoscope 2021 as per Vedic Astrology, will start the year 2021 with aplomb in terms of finances especially the first two months January and February, as both Mars their second house lord and the Sun which governs their eleventh house, will be having aspects on their own houses. This will ensure regular income and gains during these months. You will also be inclined towards making investments during these periods especially in land and property. Moreover, you are likely to be content with the way the two planets will complement your sign to reduce all the unwanted expenditure which you couldn’t control for a long time.


Scorpio natives will also have a satisfying year 2021 when it comes to finances as per Yearly Financial Predictions 2021. The starting phase, the planetary conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter will see you getting benefits from your friends, social circle and travelling. According to the Scorpio 2021 finance horoscope, the year 2021 is likely to be progressive and stable in terms of finance. Moreover, with the Jupiter aspect in the house of career, there is a high possibility of strong progress in career. Additionally, planetary transits in the year may help you to have a regular and steady income, says Scorpio finance horoscope 2021. 


In accordance with predictions based on Finance Horoscope 2021, the natives born under the sign of the scales will start the year on a positive note as maximum planets will be positioned in their second house providing them with many opportunities to increase their income. These months also indicate that the initial month is good for investing your money, thus providing foundation for the rest of the year 2021. The months starting from March till April may see you spending heavily on your comforts and luxuries, leading you to spend most of your hard earned money on it. Some of the natives may also take loans during these months to purchase a new property or renovate the old one, which might see those fixing regular expenditures in the process. According to the 2021 Sagittarius finance horoscope, financially, the year is likely to be good for you.


According to Capricorn money horoscope 2021, the year 2021 shall be quite encouraging for you. There are chances of a rise in income as the year starts. As per Capricorn finance horoscope 2021, the transit of Jupiter in the 2nd house is very auspicious and highly benevolent for income rise. The start of the year will not be on a promising note, as maximum planets in your ascendant may lead to over expenditure, making it difficult for you to accumulate money. So, right from the start, you will have to make proper strategy regarding the utilization of finances, otherwise, there will be huge repercussions in the future. The month of May is good for gaining profits and gains from competitions, games and litigation. The months between June, July will be good and provide you with new opportunities to earn income, however, try and control your aggression, otherwise, you may ruin the opportunities.

However, the last part of the year may provide you with new opportunities due to the possible favorable planetary placements that may provide you with a solid foundation for the next year to come.


Aquarius natives will not have a great start of the year 2021 according to Aquarius Financial Horoscope 2021, as they would have expected in terms of finances. Right from the beginning, with their ascendant lord Saturn positioned in their twelfth house, resulting in them facing unwanted expenditures and losses. Financially the year 2021 is likely to be very auspicious for Aquarius native, says Aquarius money horoscope 2021. Since the middle of the year, you are likely to see a rise in income. You are known to be hardworking and dedicated, your performance may be evaluated for an elevation and this can turn out to be profitable.


Financially the year 2021 will be moderate to bring gains, according to Pisces money horoscope 2021. The planning that you would have carried in the past may be maintained initially, but as the year progresses, it may slowly deplete. However, you may realize this much later, that you have started using your savings in your routine expenditure. According to the Yearly Finance Horoscope 2021, the natives born under the sign of the fish are likely to see their income and financial status rise during the first quarter of the year from January till 07 April 2021. The position of the second house’s Lord, Mars in the second house and eleventh house’s lord Saturn in its own house will be providing you profits through previous investments and policies. This period will also provide you with opportunities to earn from diverse sources, resulting in increase in your accumulated wealth.

The fortune will be on your side at the end of the year, preparing a solid base for the upcoming year. Overall, a better year in terms of finances, so it is important that you remain structured and organized to make the most of it.


Finance Horoscope 2021
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