Getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult for many, and it may be even more difficult for those with depression or chronic stress.Every human is programmed differently with various interests, emotions and ability to sleep, or not. When a human is born, a snapshot of the celestial sky is produced, known as one’s astrological birth chart. This blueprint provides all of one’s life details, including the significant sun, moon and rising or ascendant sign. The sun sign, which we commonly known in the west, represents our soul, conscious ego and personal power. If a racing mind is keeping you up at night, then you have more to blame then just your lifestyle, diet and habits.

Aries: It refuses to endow full sleep. People born under this sign usually channel their energies in directions other than sleep. Arian energy works well sleeping in cooler rooms with sleep sounds such as nature, white noise or soothing music.

Taurus: Ruled by Venus, a symbol of physical pleasure and luxury, Taureans can sleep the entire day or even their entire lives, given a choice! However, Taurus is a fixed side, and often a very stubborn and inflexible sign. Choose your words and your sleeping medications wisely.


Gemini is a chronic worrier. And he takes his worries to bed. It’s hard to say how much this tribe can sleep. The sleep may descend in abundance on less worrisome days. Stay calm in bed Gemini mind; work will not resolve itself while flipping around in the sheets. Meditate and stay grounded.


They have nights of peaceful rest accompanied by phases of sleepless nights. They are deeply affected by the status of their personal relationship and carry those thoughts to bed. The moon rules Cancer–which since the moon represents sleep, Cancer’s sleeping issues usually come from either sleeping too much or staying up too light thanks to your creative juices.


Leos enjoy a full snooze and they follow what the doctor recommends – good sleep. Leos like to go all cuddlesome before nodding off.  So if you are a Leo, get cozy in your blankets and better still enjoy good conversation with your loved one. Leos do well sleeping on their back.


Sleep doesn’t mess around too much with these Virgos. They will have their 8 hours sleep if told to. They are also health-conscious.  Only, once in a while, they tend to go to bed with a ton of worries. Career-focused Virgos suffer from work nightmares. Virgos can ease their worrying-pain with a bedtime journal. Write everything you need to down before sleeping and lighten the self-critical load Virgo, you need more than just three hours of sleep per night.


Librans believe in keeping their accounts balanced: If they sleep less one night, they are sure to make up for it next day. Good for them! Libras go through those “balanced” swings of either sleeping too much or not enough. Remember balance is what you need and sleep promotes equilibrium.


Scorpions are enigmatic creatures of the night. The dark side of Mars rules their sign and so they may stay awake all night, lost in intellectual pursuits or preoccupied with work. Relax, for god’s sake! Not-so-happy Scorpios require loads of sleep to avoid hypersomnia. Meditation and alternative healing practices work well to burn off Mars energy.


For them, life is an adventure.  Sleep is but a minor blip in their experience which they listen to when completely worn out.


Capricorn’s do sleep 8 hours. They will prefer it to be at a luxurious hotel. The most ambitious of all, they equate sleep with success. The practical sea-goat has the same approach to life as with sleep. Sleep is essential, and they take their sleep seriously, usually enjoying restful nights. However, stress affects everyone no matter what zodiac sign, so keep your rational thinking when times get tough. Stressed sea-goats are susceptible to insomnia due to inner restlessness.


Aquarians simply cannot wait to get up and tinker around. They tend to be on a very low diet of sleep because they bring their preoccupations to their bed. They are the ruler of the zodiac for those who require the most sleep. Staying off work. Also learn how certain foods are good and bad for sleep.


When preoccupied, Pisceans are at some exalted level, where they ignore physical necessities like sleep. However, dreamers, like Pisces, know there’s a message behind the dream. Often these are the people who suffer from nightmares. If you struggle with sleep, keep a dream journal and meditation space in the bedroom to help understand your subconscious at work. Sleep is opium for Pisces and keeps their intuition and energy reserved.



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