Anger is an emotion that deprives a person of his/her sense of reasoning, conduct and morale. It weakens a person from within and compels him/her to do things that he/she may repent for the rest of his/her life. Human beings are complex, and so are our emotions. Anger is often seen as a negative emotion, one that should be suppressed or controlled. And therefore, it proves that it is detrimental for a person’s well-being, both physical and mental. 

Moreover, a person must refrain from speaking when he/she is angry because temper issues could make him/her utter bitter words that could destroy relationships. Feelings of anger arise due to how we interpret and react to certain situations. Everyone has their own triggers for what makes them angry.

Sometimes your present feeling of anger may not only be about the current situation but may also be related to a past experience, which can mean that the anger you are feeling in the present is at a level that reflects your past situation. Becoming aware of this can help us to find ways of responding to situations in the present in a safer and less distressed way.

Anger can also be a part of grief. “Breathing techniques have helped me to control my anger. I know that if I take a moment to concentrate on my breathing and not my anger, I’ll have something else to focus on.” Anger-management is not an easy thing to do unless they take help from someone who teaches them how to channelise all their energy in the right direction.

Astrologically/ZodiaCity speaking, how each zodiac sign shows anger definitely varies.  


The first in the list of twelve zodiac signs faces major temper issues. Ariens lack patience and do not take criticism lightly because they are egoistic. Therefore, they tend to get angry at the drop of a hat! They have uncontrolled temper. They do not start an argument but will certainly end one.

They are easily angered because of their Moon, i.e. their inner feels and Mars (masculine) signs are in conflict.


Taurus is known for being slow and steady. But don’t mistake that slow and steady approach to life as being a weakness. Taurus doesn’t get mad easily, they do tend to hold grudges and give you the silent treatment if you hurt them. They usually keep their emotions to themselves, and can get passive aggressive if you rub them the wrong way. It takes lot of effort and time to rage the bull.

It is best to leave them alone when angry.


Gemini’s have lot of patience but as they deal with more people in day-to-day life, they lose temper at some point of time. As if you get on their bad side, you’ll definitely know it. It takes a lot for them to muster up the energy for a confrontation, however, so you might get the silent treatment if you make a Gemini mad. Their ordinarily multifaceted approach to everything turns into a stubborn inability to see any side but their own. You won’t even know what the f*ck they’re talking about by the time they’re done running off at the mouth.

Never argue with them, when they are in anger.


The fourth zodiac sign and a crab represent it. People born between June 22 – July 22 are natives of this zodiac sign. Cancerians are resentful. One can effortlessly rattle them as they nurse anger, pride and hatred. This, in turn, makes them unpredictable. They do not get angry easily just like Taurus. But once they are triggered, others will repent for it. They will bring up all issues from past, present and future (imaginary) and life the Dam gates.

Being a water sign owned by Moon, they can also act anger.



Leo is a noble sign; they are above fighting, pulling hair, yelling at people who don’t deserve to be in their presence. It’s simply beneath them. Leos have a hot temper, just like any fire sign would. They’re angry one minute about something you said, but then the next minute, they’re chasing after a pretty butterfly they saw behind you.


Sometimes their anger can be violent and verbally abusive.




The sixth zodiac sign is inherently short-tempered. Being and earth sign, a Virgo is not easily angered. Virgos don’t really anger easily, and have one of the calmest dispositions of all the signs. They have an analytical, logical approach to emotions, and as such, don’t really allow them to overtake their lives.

Even those who are closest to them find it difficult to understand their mood because they sometimes come across as unconcerned and unresponsive.


They have lot of patience but often misunderstood as helpless, coward or opportunist. Usually they lack control on anger and end up hurting themselves and damaging relations permanently.



Although they try to achieve balance in every aspect of life, Librans anger can be the most dangerous among all zodiac signs. They dislike even having to be involved with any kind of it, and they’ll avoid it wherever necessary, but if something is unfair or unjust, they will go OFF. They have a habit of using your past mistakes against you, and can grow resentful if an issue is swept under the rug.

It is almost impossible to predict if a Libran is angry or not unless you know them personally or have read their horoscope.


Scorpios will retreat into their shell once angered, so you’ll have to let them cool off first before you try to make amends. Scorpions are the worst when it comes to anger management and human relations. Scorpio feels things very deeply, so deeply that not even they are aware of how affected they’ve become. They dislike when anyone ignores them, or makes them feel small, because they know how incredibly powerful they are.

Influenced by Mars and Pluto, they lack control over emotions and will seek revenge by all means, even if they have to lie to create stories.


They are the most confused persons when in anger. Sagittarius people are dogmatic. It’s one of their worst qualities, and when you upset them, they will unleash it on you. Sagittarians tend to explode when they get mad, and will bowl over anyone who stands in their way.

But sometimes, their blunt speech can hurt others. Even in that situation, they act as victim.
In extreme anger, they do not know how to react or emote and can end up doing strange things.


They are no nonsense people, who prefer to be practical. Capricorns, being an Earth sign, don’t tend to get mad very often. Capricorns secretly get frustrated about little things, but don’t like to express that as it makes them seem very child-like. Emotional blackmail, tantrums do not work with them.

They get angry very rarely but when pushed beyond a limit, they can hurt even their friends and family with anger.


Aquarians are a very detached people, who intellectualize their emotions to the point of not fully understanding them even as they are experiencing them. This goes for their experience with others as well as themselves. Aquarians are most friendly and outgoing sign and rarely get upset.

Their razor sharp tongue can destroy relations in few seconds. If someone makes them angry, they really will just avoid them rather than addressing the problem.

Sometimes they can get messed up due to people around them.


Sensitive but intelligent sign, which can get moody and sulky when angry. Pisces might not flip out in public or make a scene but more likely than not, they will absolutely plot a specific kind of revenge. This sign is most likely to f*ck with you through emotional manipulation, to exploit your humanity through self-sacrifice.

But they can quickly come out of this state and be normal. As a water sign, Pisces’ emotions run deep. So, their anger can get the best of them at times, but they won’t let you know that. They do tend to hold grudges, but if you mean a lot to them, they’ll try their best to work things out.

If triggered at wrong moment, they can insult you in all possible ways.

Anger Issues in Zodiac

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